Cash-Out Refinance Property Type

Cash-Out Refinance: Property Types

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Cash-Out Refinance Property Type:

Single-Family Homes:

Cash-Out Refinance options are most commonly available for single-family homes. This allows homeowners to leverage the equity in their primary residence for various financial needs, such as home improvements or debt consolidation.

Multi-Unit Properties:

In certain cases, Cash-Out Refinance can also be used for multi-unit properties, including duplexes, triplexes, or fourplexes. This presents opportunities for real estate investors to access funds tied up in their rental properties.


Condominium owners can explore Cash-Out Refinance options if they meet the specific lender requirements associated with condo properties. This provides condo owners with a means to tap into their property’s equity.


Owners of townhouses may be eligible for Cash-Out Refinance, offering them flexibility in utilizing the equity they have built in their townhome.

Investment Properties:

Investors looking to expand their real estate portfolio can consider Cash-Out Refinance for their investment properties. This strategy allows them to leverage the increased value of their rental units for financial growth and other investment opportunities.

Vacation Homes:

Those who own vacation homes can explore Cash-Out Refinance as a way to access the equity locked in their second homes. This provides an additional source of funds for various financial purposes.

Primary Residence:

Refinancing options are typically available for borrowers looking to refinance their primary residence. This includes homeowners seeking better loan terms, lower interest rates, or other refinancing benefits.

2-4 Unit Properties:

Refinancing may be applicable to 2-4 unit properties if the borrower resides in one of the units as their primary residence. However, investment properties with 2-4 units generally do not qualify for refinancing.


Condominiums may be eligible for refinancing if they meet specific lender requirements, making this option available to condo owners.

Manufactured Homes:

Some manufactured homes on a permanent foundation may qualify for refinancing, but eligibility criteria must be met to determine suitability.

Mixed-Use Properties:

Refinancing options may extend to mixed-use properties, provided that the residential portion of the property serves as the borrower’s primary residence. This allows individuals with mixed-use properties to explore refinancing opportunities.

Important Note:

In summary, understanding the eligibility criteria and property type requirements is crucial for borrowers considering both Cash-Out Refinances and traditional refinancing. This knowledge ensures that applicants meet the necessary criteria for a successful refinancing application, ultimately helping them achieve their financial goals.

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